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Press Release

1.  On April 13, at 11:00 and 15:00 hours, our forces carried out two sabotage actions against the occupying Turkish army on the Kevortê hill of the Lêlîkan area within the region of Southern Kurdistan. Eight soldiers were identified killed and two soldiers were wounded in both actions.

On April 15, at 17.40, our forces targeted a shelter which enemy soldiers on the Kevortê hill were located in. The enemy shelter was put under intensive fire and totally destroyed as a result of the action, and six soldiers were identified killed while other two soldiers were wounded here.

2. On April 13, at 10.30, our forces carried out a sabotage action targeting a disguised unit deployed on the Kelanis area of Siirt's Baykan district. In this action, one enemy soldier was killed.

3. On March 22, around 00.30, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation on the Sason area of Batman with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles. On the same day at 02.30, the warplanes bombed the area intensively. In this bombardment, one of our comrades reached martyrdom.

 On March 23, within the scope of the ongoing operation, our forces entered into conflict with the occupying forces in Geliyê Zorê area of the Hesena village. As a result of the effective hits, one sergeant was killed and one sergeant was wounded. The occupying Turkish army, unable to enter guerrilla positions, bombed the area with chemical gas bombs. In the chemical attack carried out in violation of international war conventions, two our friends reached the martyrdom. The occupying Turkish army, which expanded the area of operations on March 26, withdrew on March 27.


April 16, 2018

HPG Press Centre