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Press Release

1. On March 11, around 01.00 hours, the occupying Turkish army bombed the Tepê (hill) Gümbet, Tepê Siro and Geliyêreş areas with warplanes, howitzer and mortar shells.

Following the bombardment the occupying forces carried out setdowns to Tepê Gümbet and Tepê Siro with Cobra-type helicopters amid the support of Sikorsy-type helicopters, launching an operation in the area.

 2. The occupying Turkish army’s warplanes on March 10 carried out air attacks against the Medya Defense Zones. Within this scope;

 From 09.30 to 11.00, warplanes bombed the Şikeftiya area in the Gare region, the Sida area in the Zap region, the Martyr Rüstem and Kanişargê village area, the surroundings of the Martyr Beritan water in the Xakurke region, and the Şêlazê and Tepê Hakkari area in the Metina region.


March 11, 2018

HPG Press Centre