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Press Release

 1. Within in the scope of Martyr Mahir, Martyr Eylem and Martyr Argeş revolutionary campaign, on December 3, at 18.00, our forces destroyed a base station, containers and radar devices of the occupying forces in the Turkmen village of Ağrı's Bazid (Dogubeyazit) district.

 2. On December 2, the warplanes of the occupying Turkish army conducted air attacks against the Media Defence Zones. In this scope;

 Turkish warplanes bombarded Tabura Ereba, Martyr Diren hill and Sor hill area, between 19:30 and 20:00, Avasin region, Çemço and Kunişka areas of the Zap region, at 08.20 hours and the surroundings of the Guzê village in the Gare region at 20:50.


December 4, 2017

 HPG Press Centre