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Press Release

On July 13, one comrade of ours fell as martyr during the aerial attacks in the Stunê area of the Avashin region of the Medya Defense Zones.

The ID information of our martyr comrade is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Delil Qamışlo
Name-Surname: Agîd Saruhan
Place of Birth: Qamışlo
Mother's-Father's Name: Münevver - Abdulkerim
Date and Place of Martrydom: September 13, 2017 / Medya Defense Zones

Comrade Delil was a precious comrade who played a role in the struggle against the occupying Turkish army with tasks undertaken at a young age, walking on the footsteps of the great commander Agîd, one of the best practitioners of Apoist tradition. Comrade Delil, who came from a patriotic tradition, has had an exemplary posture in labour and honesty in our struggle. The memory of Comrade Delil, who carried out successful practice in the Çarçella area in the most difficult circumstances as a division commander, will live on in our struggle.

Within this scrope, we commemorate all of our martyr comrades with respect once more in the name of Comrade Delil, and we repeat that we will be followers of their struggles.

September 6, 2017

HPG Press Centre