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Press Release

1. On September 3, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in Hakkari's Dêzê area with the support of UAVs. About 13.00, the warplanes of the occupying forces bombed the area intensively and Cobra-type attack helicopters bombarded the area afterwards. Enemy forces used advanced techniques during the bombardments and 13 Sikorsky-type helicopters carried out setdowns to the area. Enemy soldiers entering the area were targeted by our forces and conflicts took place here. In these conflicts, the number of dead and wounded enemy soldiers could not be determined.

On the same day, at 23.00, the operation was withdrawn from the area without any results. The special war media has served the news of the lie that four of our comrades had been martyred here. Our forces which hit the enemy soldiers effectively in the operation has reached their base safely.

2. On September 4, the warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish army carried out a bombing between 12.00 and 13.30 in order to set fire in the Gundê Filleha area of ​​the Zap region of the Medya Defense Zones.

3. On September 3, at 15.30 and on September 4 at 09.40, the occupying Turkish army bombed the Siro hill of Hakkari's Şemzînan district with howitzers and mortars. A fire broke out on the ground as a result of the enemy attack.

September 5, 2017

HPG Press Centre