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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaign, our forces conducted a series of actions against the occupying Turkish army in Şemzinan (Şemdinli) and Gever (Yüksekova) district of Hakkari.

On August 11, at 09.30, our forces organized a sabotage action targeting members of Police Special Operations (POH) between Şapatan and Êlde neighborhoods of Şemzinan. In the action, three POH members were heavily wounded.

On August 11, at 14.30, Our forces carried out an action targeting the occupying Turkish army soldiers' tents and positions on the Siser hill in Çarçella region of the Gever district. Enemy positions were hit effectively in the action. The number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified.

On August 10, our guerrillas carried out an assassination action targeting enemy soldiers positioned on the Bayê hill in Çarçella Region of Zagros. In the action, one soldier was killed.

2. Our forces have warned contras which are providing road security in Pire Xunka region of Van's Şax (Çatak) district. On August 9, despite all warnings, contras continued their activities in the area. Our forces have organized an action targeting a vehicle that belongs to the contras. In the action, the vehicle was damaged and the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified. After the action, the occupying Turkish army shelled the area. As a result of the attack, a fired broke out in the vineyard and gardens of locals.

On the August 11, a truck which was carrying material to the outposts was stopped and burned with its materials in the area of Geliyê Masiro in Van. The two people in the vehicle were released after being questioned by our forces.

After the action, village guards of Gıyanıs launched an operation in the area. The operation was withdrawn on the same day without any results.

3. On August 10, at 01.00, our forces carried out an action targeting a Cobra-type armoured vehicle patrolling in the Yafes district of Şırnak. In the action, the vehicle was damaged and five enemy soldiers were wounded heavily. After the action, the enemy forces, which declared a curfew, raided houses and arrested some locals.

4. On 10 August, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the Şehriban region of Şırnak. On 11 August, at 11:30, a group of the operation force was targeted by our guerrillas in the Gırê Derence area. Two enemy soldiers were killed as a result of effective strikes at close range. In addition, our guerrillas seized 1 HK-33 (Hybrid) weapon belonging to the soldiers. After the action, the occupying Turkish army shelled the region with howitzers and mortars.

5. Within the scope of the Martyr Azad Farqin and Martyr Jinda Özgür revolutionary campaign, our forces carried out actions against the occupying Turkish army in Amed and Bingöl.

On August 10, our forces took under surveillance a diguised unit of the enemy near the village of Gemavıl of the Genç district of Bingöl. The enemy unit, which was kept under control for a while, was targeted by our forces at about 19:00 hours. One specialist sergeant was killed and another was wounded in the enemy unit shot at close range. After the action, the occupying Turkish army, which raided the village of Gemavıl on August 11, practised pressure on the locals.

On August 11, at 05.30 am, our guerrillas encountered with the occupying Turkish army troops in the area of ​​Martyr Rojhat in the triangle of Lice, Hani and Karayazı and entered into conflict with enemy forces. The number of dead and wounded enemy soldiers in this conflict has not been determined. After the conflict, our forces have reached their base area securely.

At 17.30 on August 6th, our forces carried out an action against a group of contras near the village of Kanibişkul in Amed's Hazro district. One contra has been identified killed in this action, while 2 contras were wounded. After the action, the occupying Turkish army, who launched an operation in the area, raided the village of Kanibışkul and tortured the village people. The operation was withdrawn from the area on August 9 without any results.

6. At 20.00 on August 11, a unit of the occupying Turkish army was targeted by our forces in Kırê Hallac area of ​​Ağrı's Bazîd (Dogubeyazit) district. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the enemy unit which was shot in an effective manner has not been determined.

7. On August 10, the occupying Turkish army's Yolçatı and Kutudere outposts in Dersim province bombarded the Kozmerik Strait and its surroundings with mortars. As a result of the bombings, a fire broke out in the field.

8. The warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish army carried out airstrikes against the Medya Defense Zones on August 11. Within this scope;

- Between 07.00 and 10.00, the occupying Turkish army bombed the Kurê Mızgeftê zone, the Evliya and Arê straits in the Xakurkê area. On the same hours, the Goşinê zone, Lolan water surroundings and the Tarık valley in the Xınerê area has been bombed.

- Between 08.00-10.00, the Şukê zone in the Avashin area, and on the same day between 13.00-14.00 the Dola Şivê zone.

- The Şikefta Birîndara area in the Zap region was bombed at 10.20.

- On August 12, at 09.00, the occupying Turkish army bombed the Şıfırbeş area in the Qandil Mountain.

9. The colonial Turkish state, in all Kurdistan, by using oppression forces our patriotic people to isolate, report and even fight against the guerrilla. This issue has been known since history, it is insisting on the policy of turning the Kurd against one another. One of the most striking examples of this is the oppression practised on the Osyan Village and its people.

The fascist authorities of the Turkish State in the region who threaten the people of the Osyan Village and family elders by saying, "You will lead us in operations or we will rot you in prisons", aim to intimidate the patriotic people in the region.

As always, our people of the region, which are being attempted to be turned into village guards under the pretext of providing support to our movement and struggle, for their own honour and pride, has not entered into any activity that would mean self-hostility against oneself, as it would suit one from Kurdistan.

If the AKP state says it is very strong, that it has tanks and planes, why is it that they are imposing our people to join their operations. Our people should say that; 'If you are strong, then go and do your own operations'

An important example of the fact that the operations of the Turkish State towards our Movement have been inconclusive is that they impose forceful participation in the operations against the guerrilla, with pressure and repression of the elders of Doganköy (Osyan) village in Siirt's Pervari district. The pressure, torture and threat policies that are applied to the people of the region in a helpless and incapacitated way will be wasted by the resolute stance of us and our people.

August 12, 2017

HPG Press Centre