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Press Release

1. On August 7, at 23.00, within the scope of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Şehit Nalin Muş revolutionary campaign,  our guerrillas carried out a sabotage action against a military convoy of the occupying Turkish army which was heading from Hakkari to Çelê (Çukurca) district near Meymuka village.

In the action, a kirpi-type armored vehicle was destroyed, 12 enemy soldiers were identified killed, and 3 enemy soldiers were wounded. After the action, the occupying Turkish army closed to traffic the road of Hakkari - Çelê and dead and wounded soldiers were removed from the scene with sikorsy-type helicopters.

2. On August 8, at 23.00, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the Gostê area of Hakkari's Şemzinna (Semdinli) district. The Turkish army carried out setdowns on the Raniya Pirê area, the Martyr Havin hill and Masiro strait. The operation is still ongoing.

3. On August 6, at 08.30, our guerrillas encountered with the occupying Turkish army soldiers in the Gernan area of Dersim's Pülümür district and entered into conflict with enemy forces. A large number of soldiers were killed in the conflicts that lasted about 2 hours. The invading Turkish army, which could not reach our forces in the land, bombed the area with cobra-type helicopters. In the battle which took place chest to chest, 3 heroic comrades of ours who hit blows on enemy forces reached martyrdom.

The ID information of our martyr comrades are as following;

Nom de Guerre: Şervan Azad
Name Surname: Hasan Yaman
place of Birth: Amed
Mother' Father's Name: Melek – Mehmet Sıddık
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 6 August, 2017 / Dersim

Şervan – Hasan Yaman

Nom de Guerre: Sara Beritan
Name Surname: Zeynep Çelik
Place of Birth: Muş
Mother's- Father's Name: Ayten - Rahmi
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 6 August, 2017 / Dersim

Sara – Zeynep Çelik

Nom de Guerre: Rozerin Serhat
Name-Surname: Rabia Güneş
Place of Birth: Muş
Father's- Mother's Name: Şaize – Mehmet Sami
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 6, August 2017 / Dersim

The values of our heroic comrades, created with great sacrifices, which chose the revolutionary path of uprising against colonialism in Kurdistan, our comrades Şervan Azad (Hasan Yaman), Sara Beritan (Zeynep Çelik), Rozerin Serhat (Rabia Güneş), who joined our struggle ranks for their purposes, have become the sacrificial freedom fighters brought up by the devoted people of Kurdistan which took their places in the historical resistance struggle. They have joined the caravan of immortal martyrs by becoming militants of the decisive march against the enemy occupation and savagery in the mountains of Kurdistan, where honesty and loyalty are commemorated.

August 9, 2017

HPG Press Centre