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Press Release

1. On May 17, our forces organized actions against a group of contras in the area of ​​Glidağ in the Bazid (Dogubeyazit) district of Ağrı.

An action was organized on 17 May at 13.30 at the time of the departure of 3 cars from the village of Kulê for this group which was operating in the field to arrest and agentize the people. While one vehicle was destoyed after being struck in close range, the other 2 vehicles which were hit escaped from the scene. In this action, 5 contras were killed and 3 contras were wounded. After the action, the Turkish Army started operations in the Kulê and Demirkapı villages. The operation was withdrawn in the morning on May 19 (today). This action was made in memory of Bedran Gundikremo, Nalin Mus and Hêlin Murat comrades, who are the martyrs of the air attack by the Turkish army, and on the anniversary of the PKK's first martyr, Haki Karer, by the Martyr Canfeda vengeance team.

2. On May 17, at noon hours, our forces carried out an action targeting soldiers located on the Çeper hill in Bespin area of Şırnak's Silopi district. One soldier was seriously wounded in the action.

3. On May 12, our forces carried out an action against soldiers on the move in Gırê Xanê region of Şırnak's Besta area. Three soldiers were killed as a result of hitting from close range.

- On May 14, we shared the information that we had lost connection with one of our comrades in the conflict in the area of Martyr Resul of Besta during the Turkish army's operation. Our comrade has securely reached his base area.

4. On May 13, a comrade who was on duty for the preparation of action on the way to Hakkari was martyred in an accident. After the accident, the village head of Goranıs has reported the accident to the enemy. Then the Turkish army launched an operation in the area of ​​Geliyê Kotranis. There was a conflict between our forces and the soldiers on May 16, between 00:00 - 04:00. In the life conflicts, while 4 JÖH (Gendarmarie Special Operations) members were killed, 1 of our friends were martyred by fighting heroically, and we were lost connection from one of our friends. While the operation continued in part around Goranis village and the Hakkari road; Geliyê Kotranis road is closed to traffic.

5. On 19.00 on May 14th; our forces carried out a sabotage action against the soldiers and the contras on the way to Gürpınar district of Van. In this action, one soldier was killed and two more were wounded. After the action, the Turkish army, which started the operation, withdrew the same day.

6. On May 18, at 12:00, our forces carried out an actions with heavy weapons against soldiers positioned on the Koordine Hill of Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district. In this action, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified.

7. On May 18, between 9:00  and 10:00, the Turkish army warplanes bombed Martyr Zınar hill in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones.

- On  May 17, between 22:00  and 23:00, the Turkish warplanes bombed the Kato Marinos region of Botan.

May 19, 2017

HPG Press Centre