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Press Release

1. On May 17, at 15.30, our forces carried out actions from two separate arms against the Havan hill in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukruca) district. In this action, four soldiers were killed with assassination weapons.

Our forces also hit a position on the top of the hill with heavy weapons and an A-4 heavy weapon in the position was destroyed, while one soldier was killed. After the action, Sikorsy-type helicopters carried away its dead and wounded soldiers from the hill at 6 pm. This action was carried out in memory of our comrades who have recently been martyred in Hakkari.

2. On May 17, our forces carried out an action against the soldiers located on Tepê Çeta in Gerdiya area of ​​Hakkari's Şemzinan district with heavy weapons. In this action, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified.

3. On May 16, between 20.00 and 21:00, Turkish warplanes bombed the territory of Salê village in Hakkari's Sümbül area.

May 18, 2017

HPG Press Centre