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Press Release

1. On May 15, at 11:30 am, our YJA Star forces took control of Şıngırık road near Amed's Piran (Dicle) district centre. Our forces tried to stop the vehicle which left Şıngırık police station, but the vehicle did not stop while our forces followed it. On top of that, our forces hit the vehicle with individual weapons. As a result of this action, 1 contra was killed. Our forces went over the car and seized 3 G-3 weapons and 1 HK-33 (Hybrid) weapon in the vehicle. After the action, the Turkish army launched an operation in the area and bombed the area with howitzers and mortars. The operation was withdrawn the same day.

2. On May 15th at 10.10, our forces carried out a simultaneous action against the Gırê Cotyar police station and the TRT Gabar battalion in the area of ​​Gabar in Şırnak province. Our forces have effectively hit positions, containers and tanks in Gırê Cotyar police station with heavy and individual weapons. With soldiers entering the container in the outpost, our forces hit it with heavy weapons and this container was destroyed. Here, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified. In addition, our forces have effectively hit the tank in the police station with heavy weapons, and the tank has been destroyed. Three soldiers were killed here. The soldiers who were heading towards the howitzer batteries were shot with assassination weapons, where 2 soldiers were killed. Our forces simultaneously shot the TRT Gabar battalion with individual and heavy weapons. In this action, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified. After the simultaneous actions, Sikorsy helicopters carried away the dead and wounded soldiers. These actions were carried out against the operations in Botan and in memory of our martyrs of the month of May.

3. On May 15, at 16.10, our forces carried out an action against soldiers positioned at the top of Şehidan hill in the Uludere district of Şırnak. In this action; The technical tower of the hill where the soldiers were located has been effectively shot with heavy weapons. In addition, 1 scoop on the hill, 1 position and containers were hit. Four soldiers and one scoop driver were killed in this action. After the action, the Turkish army bombarded the areas surrounding themselves with howitzers and mortars. This action was made in memory of our martyrs of May.

4. On May 16, at 18.50 hours, our forces carried out an action against a Drone type unmanned aerial vehicle carrying out a reconnaissance flight on Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) border line with individual weapons. The drone was shot down near Serêsevê police station.

5. We mentioned yesterday that there were conflicts between our forces and soldiers in the area of Martyr Resul, which is in Şırnak's Besta area, from May 12 until May 13. Four of our comrades were martyred in the conflicts, and the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified. At 15.00 on May 14th, there was a conflict between our forces and the soldiers and one soldier was killed here. In this conflict, we lost connection with one comrade. The ID information of our martyr comrades will be announced later.

6. The Turkish army has launched an operation in the Meydan Kolya, Xeta Zozana, Deriyê Zerbil, Deriyê Şekalek and Deriyê Berana fields of the Kato area. In addition, the activity of soldiers continues in the fields of Warê Kurdo and Kampa Beytüssebap.

7. Between 09.00 and 09.10 on May 16, Turkish warplanes bombed the hill of Hakkari from the Metina area of our Medya Defense Zones, while warplanes bombed Zendura hill between 15.15 - 15.45 hours.

- On May 16, at 10.30, the warplanes bombed the Gundê Filleha area of ​​the Zap region.

17 May, 2017

HPG Press Centre