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Press Release

1. On May 12, at 23:00, our forces had carried out an action with heavy and individual weapons against Hakkari's Koordine hill, in Çelê (Çukurca) district of Hakkari.

Our forces in this action hit the positions with heavy weapons and in attack groups of 5. There was a conflict for about an hour here. After the action, the Turkish army bombarded the Êriş and Bılican outposts, the Güvenlik hill and the area of ​​action from Ertuş with howitzers, mortars and tanks. In this action, dozens of soldiers were killed and many of the positions, containers and tents were also hit. On May 13th at 06:00, our forces again carried out a sabotage action against the soldiers at the top of Koordine hill. 2 soldiers were killed in this action. On the same day at 09.00, the Turkish army bombed the areas of Küçük Cilo, Qela Bêdewê and Şamkê with warplanes, tanks and howitzers. In the action taken, 2 of our comrades fell as martyrs while we lost connection with a group of comrades.

2. On 13 May, between 13:30 and 14:00, our forces carried out actions with heavy weapons against the soldiers in Hakkari's Mergê territory in the Şemzinan area. In this action, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified.

3. On 9 May, the Turkish army launched an operation in the area of ​​Besta in Şırnak. There has been some conflicts between our forces and the Turkish army in this operation. The operation is still continuing.

4. On May 11, the Turkish army had launched an operation in the Gırê Kaç and Çemê Karê territories of Siirt's Herekol area. Within the scope of the operation, the Turkish army descended to the Beminexa area and came around the martyrdom cemetery in the area. On May 11, at 09.30, there was conflicts between our forces and the Turkish army. On the 12th of May, at 3:00 am, the Turkish army bombed these areas with howitzers and mortars; Sikorsy helicopters have also carried out setdowns to Martyr Azime, Gırê Martyr Berxwedan and Martyr Reul areas in support of Cobra helicopters. On May 12th, at 04.00 hours, a Sikorsy type helicopter attempting to land on the Martyr Canxort Hillmwas hit and struck by our forces, and the helicopter was forced to land on the Osyan outpost. In addition, while the Sikorsy helicopters belonging to the Turkish army attempted to land on the ridges of Karidarê ​​and Solya, they were withdrawn as a result of the effective strikes of our forces. In addition, 2 soldiers were killed in the infiltration action against the soldiers located on the top of Martyr Berxwedan hill. On May 13, the operation was withdrawn. During the operation, two of our friends have fell as martyrs while we could not connect with one comrade.

5. On 13 May, the Turkish army's warplanes bombarded the Kartal hill in the Haftanin area of our Medya Defense Zones.

May 14, 2017

HPG Press Centre