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Press Release

1. On 9 May, the Turkish army launched an operation in the territory of Hakkari's Katuna, Şıkeftanê, Kola and Çılmêrga villages in the Şemzinan area.

The same day our forces carried out a sabotage action against the operation unit near the village of Çılmêrga. According to the information received,  in this action, one soldier was killed and 8 soldiers were wounded, 4 of them heavily wounded.

- On May 9, the Turkish army launched an operation in the Mergê area of the Şemzinan area. On May 10, between 17.30 and 18.00, Sikorsky type helicopters carried out setdowns. The operation is still continuing.

2. At 8 pm on May 8, while a military convoy headed to Colemerg (Hakkari) from Çelê (Çukurca), our forces carried out a sabotage action against a Kirpi type armored vehicle in the Qesriq area. In this action, 4 soldiers were wounded, one of which was heavily wounded, while the armored vehicle was hit. After the action, the Turkish army closed the road to traffic until the morning hours.

3. On 9 May, at 22:30, when a group of our guerrillas went on duty, there was a clash between our forces and soldiers between the Karataş and Deştanê police stations of Hakkari's Çele (Çukurca) district. The Turkish army has launched an operation in the area. Clashes continued with intervals until 07.00 hours on May 10. In these conflicts, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified. At the same time, our forces put an arm of the operation under surveillance and effectively struck the soldiers at close range, and 3 soldiers were killed here. We have lost connection with one of our guerrillas here. The operation is still continuing.

- On May 10 at 15.30 hours, our YJA Star forces carried out an assassination action against soldiers positioned at the top of Hakkari's Koordine hill in Çelê district, and one soldier was killed here.

4. On May 10, the Turkish army started operations in the Gırê Kaç area of ​​Siirt's Pervari district. Between 12:00 and 13:00, warplanes, cobra-type helicopters and the Osyan outpost bombed the area. As a result of these attacks, our two guerrillas were martyred. The information of our martyr comrades will be announced later.

May 11, 2017

HPG Press Centre