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Press Release

1. On April 13, at 19.40, our forces carried out two separate actions against the Ronahi hill in the Şemdinli district of Hakkari.

The first action arm led into the hill and hit positions with RPG-7 rocket launchers, individual weapons and hand bombs. The second action arm also hit positions on the hill with RPG-7 rocket launchers and individual weapons effectively and intensively. In addition, our assassination teams shot the soldiers on the hill and killed 3 soldiers here. At the same time, our forces hit the positions on the hill with heavy weapons. A total of 9 soldiers were killed when 7 positions were destroyed along with 1 A-4 heavy weapon position. In the clashes, one of our guerrilla comrade was martyred after fighting heroically. The I.D information of our martyr comrade will be shared with the public later on.

2. The operation that the Turkish army launched in the area of ​​Sise of Amed's Lice district on April 13 continues.

- On April 10th at 08:00 am, an action was carried out against the soldiers at Tim Hill, which is in Amed's Dicle district. One soldier was killed while another soldier was wounded in this action.

- At 18:00 hours on April 1, our forces carried out a sabotage action against the soldiers moving near the Angol station between the Amed and Bingöl highway, and two soldiers were wounded here.

3. Argeş (Renas Tunç) comrade was injured as a result of the air attacks carried out by the Turkish army against our Medya Defense Zones in August 2016. Despite all the interventions made, Argeş comrade joined the martyrs.

The I.D information of our comrade who fell as martyr is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Argeş Şırnak

First-Last Name: Renas Tunç

Place of Birth: Maxmur

Mother's - Father's Name: Narınç- Muhammed

Date and Place of Martyrdom: August, 2016 /  Medya Defense Zones

April 15, 2017

HPG Press Centre