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Press Release

The AKP-MHP Coalition, which aims to reinforce the fascist system by putting the referendum in front of itself in order to make up the legal pretext, put pressure on our peoples throughout the winter, with arrests, dismissals from work, etc. and facilities of suppressing the people, as well as the use of isolation, oppression and torture in prisons which has been increased in a period like no other. This fascist alliance, saying "No one will speak the name of the PKK in April", with its comprehensive political genocide in Kurdistan and placing of thousands of Kurdish politicians into prison, also puts a definite conclusion in front of itself with extensive winter operations on our guerrilla forces.


On the other hand, the AKP-MHP Coalition has been unsuccessful due to the decisive resistance of our people and the years of experience of our guerrilla forces. While our people put forward in Newroz that the fascist practices of the AKP-MHP regime gave no results, our guerrilla forces have shown everyone this by their actions.

Our guerrilla forces lastly carried out a comprehensive action on April 11th (yesterday) against the Security Directorate Riot Unit and TEM (Anti-Terror Unit) Branch Building in Amed/Bağlar. 2540 kg of explosives were placed under the building via tunnels where 150-200 riot police units and their superiors are housed constantly with the professional-type preparation of being placed underground, and were detonated at the working hours of 10.45 am. Our action team, which has successfully accomplished its mission, has reached their base area securely.

This action was held in memory of our comrades who resisted heroically and reached martyrdom during the operations in Amed province in the month of March, and to warn against the isolation, oppression and torture methods that the AKP-MHP Coalition imposed in prisons.

The professionalism and high success rate in the action has been a response to all the psychological lies that the AKP has been striking blows against our movement since two years. For this reason, as soon as the action took place, the AKP government entered the state of panic  and wanted to cover up and hide it, saying that "the panzer vehicle exploded when it was being repaired". Directly related to the incident, the interior minister made a statement, then Erdogan called the governor and asked the incident not to be reflected to the press. They want to conceal this action, worrying that all the “We have achieved everything, done everything” type of directional propaganda used in the referendum process will be wasted, provided that this action, which reveals their failings in front of our movement, is widely reflected in the press. However, upon the social media release of the footage this morning, they had to admit that the action had been done by setting up a new script, but this time they concealed their heavy losses. In this action, where ambulances went back and forth to the place of action for hours, it is clear that the torturer police have had heavy losses. However, due to the reasons we have mentioned, the AKP government is trying to use its full power to reduce the great impact of the action, thus prevent its consequences on society.

We state that we will share with the public the more detailed information about the final results of the action and that no tyranny against our people will be left unanswered, and held to account individually for all of the oppression against our people. We declare that our forces entering spring with a high performance will play a greater role than ever in playing the role of success in fostering revolutionary struggle against fascism by developing the year of 2017 in a comprehensive manner.


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