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Press Release

1. On the morning of March 14, the Turkish army initiated an operation in the Glidağ area of the Dogubeyazit district of Ağrı. This operation extensively covered the villages of Qulê, Inegê, Mışka, Xalhesen and the Kırê Halacê area. The Turkish army has also setdown with Skorsky helicopters on the Kire Inegê and Kırê Demirkapi areas. At 5 pm, our guerrillas carried out an ambush action against the operation forces which were withdrawn. Eight of the soldiers who were shot in an effective manner were killed while two soldiers were wounded. This action has been carried out as as a revenge action against the massacre in the village of Xerabê Bava (Kuruköy) and in memory of our fallen Guerrilas who were martyred in Garzan.

2. Between 15.00 and 18.30 hours on March 14, the Turkish army's two Sikorsy-type helicopters supported by Cobra-type helicopters setdown on the Havan hill located at the border of Çukurca district in Hakkari. During the moment the soldiers were initiating setdown, our forces carried out a sabotage action in the field of the setdown, and one soldier was killed here. At the same time, a sabotage action was carried out against the soldiers carrying out searches on the hill. One soldier was killed in this action.

3. At 13:00 on March 13, our forces carried out assassination actions against soldiers positioned at the top of the Elişêr hill in Hakkari's Yüksekova district. Two soldiers were killed in these actions.

4. On March 10, we instantly responded to the operation attempt of the Turkish army border units, gangs and contras on the border of the Haftanin area of our Medya Defense Zones, and it was stated that we were not able to establish contact with our two Guerrillas after the clashes that took place with intervals during the day. Our two Guerrillas that we were not able to establish contact with have fell as martyrs.

The ID information of our fallen comrades is as following;

Code Name: Gelhat Gabar

Name Surname: Kerem Dayan

Place of Birth: Siirt

Mother - Father Name: Leyla - Emin

Martyrdom Date and Place: 10 March 2017 / Haftanin

Code Name: Mazlum Zerdeşt

Name Surname: Abdulmenaf Gezer

Place of Birth: Amed

Mother - Father Name: Adile - Tevfik

Martyrdom Date and Place: 10 March 2017 / Haftanin

March 15, 2017

HPG Press Centre