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Press Release

Fighting erupted following an attack of gangs calling themselves Rojava Peshmergas affiliated to ENKS who targeted the Shengal Resistance Units -YBŞ in the Khanesor and Suninê towns of Shengal on March 3.

Our guerrilla forces responsible for the security and defense of our Êzidî people in Shengal therewith assigned and sent a unit to the scene against these gangs that acted for provocation purposes and against the interests of the local people.

Our guerrillas who acted for mediation in order to hinder a conflict were shot and martyred by gangs with fire from armoured vehicles. This attack which also caused the martyrdom of a group of YBŞ fighters is an aggression planned by the Turkish state.

This attack that targeted our guerrilla force who fulfilled their national duty as the Êzidî people faced massacres, was clearly planned by the enemies of the people of Kurdistan.

We announce that we will continue the defense of our people and the Shengal region against all these attacks, and we offer our condolences to the valuable families of our fallen comrades Çekdar and Orhan.

Çekdar (Newroz Güvercin) joined the ranks of the Freedom Struggle from Kars, North Kurdistan and Orhan (İbrahim Hüso) joined from Qamishlo, Rojava. Both of our fallen guerrillas took their place in the front lines in the battle against ISIS in the Shengal resistance period.

ID details of the two fallen guerrillas:

Nom de Guerre: Çekdar Sinan

First-Last Name: Newroz Güvercin

Place of Birth: Kars

Parents' Names: Türkan - Yaşar

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 March 2017/Shengal

Nom de Guerre: Orhan Baran

First-Last Name: İbrahim Hüso

Place of Birth: Qamıshlo

Parents' Names: Adile - İsa

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 March 2017/Shengal

We will fight with a stronger stance and determination than ever against those trying to break the Freedom Struggle and national unity created with great sacrifices, and we express our respect to our martyrs.

March 5, 2017

HPG Press Centre